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As the owner of Brennan Tile, I would like to welcome you to my website and to share with you my expertise in bathroom remodeling. I involve myself directly in all aspects of a project, from beginning to end, including the actual tile install. 
When it comes to combining colors, textures, and designs, my personalized service and attention to detail set Brennan Tile apart from the rest. The customer's vision, when combined with my experience in getting the project to completion, have created a track record of excellence, as my photos and customer reviews will verify. Every aspect, from plumbing to electrical, will be professionally managed, allowing you to have the bathroom you've always wanted at a price within your reach. -Barry Brennan 

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Contact me, Barry, to discuss your request for an estimate. I can be reached by phone or email from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Evening hours and weekends are also available by appointment. 

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Hundreds of customers, over three decades, have been satisfied with their experience hiring Brennan Tile. Each project has contributed to my broad knowledge and experience. The excellent rapport I have with my designers is a major factor in our outstanding level of customer service. Our level of collaboration is quite exceptional because it is so very personalized and focused on detail. We make sure our customers get proper guidance in their decision making.

We utilize a "Phased Approach" in order to provide you with the bathroom you have always wanted within a suitable price range. Our In-Home Consultation, the Design Process, and the actual Installation comprise the three phases of a project. For further explanation and free consultation, please call today!


Contact Barry Brennan today in Fairfax Station, Virginia, to request more information about his restorative bathroom remodeling services.